About Georgia Cancer Info

GeorgiaCancerInfo.org is the first-ever comprehensive on line cancer information center for Georgia. On this website, patients, their families and caregivers have access to valuable information on cancer care and resources to assist them in making important decisions. Doctors and healthcare professionals use the website for the latest information on clinical trials, oncologists, treatment guidelines and cancer treatment sites.

GeorgiaCancerInfo.org was created by the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education (Georgia CORE) a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of cancer care in Georgia. On-going collaboration in clinical research among leading community oncologists, academic researchers, educators and advocates is the unifying theme of Georgia CORE’s approach. The Board of Directors of Georgia CORE, joined by survivors and prominent contributors to the website, serves as the Advisory Board for GeorgiaCancerInfo.org.

Georgia Cancer Info Board

Seated: Frederick M. Schnell, MD, FACP; Thomas E. Seay, MD, PhD; Nancy M. Paris
Standing: Howard Zaren, MD; Dilawar Khan, MD; Sheryl Gabram-Mendola, MD, FACS; Vasily J. Assikis, MD; Ruth M. O’Regan, MD; Michael B. Andrews, MD; Patti Owen, MN, RN; Walter J. Curran, MD, FACR; Roland P. Matthews, MD; Margaret K. Offermann, MD, PhD

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With questions, comments or suggestions please email: info@georgiacore.org.

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